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Three Texting Mistakes 
3 Texting Mistakes That Will Surely Make Him Run - How To Avoid Them 
If you're exchanging texts with someone who interests you, the most important thing is to keep it light. You're not carrying on a conversation, you're setting a date to meet tonight or sharing a wish for a great day, a thanks for a wonderful time together or a promise to connect with each other later.  
1) Don't Fight for the Last Word 
If he texts you in the morning, keep things simple. You don't need to know what his plans are or if you can get together tonight. Respond simply by saying thanks and wishing him the same. Then put the phone down and do something else. Let him do a little chasing.  
This is not to say you should be standoffish or cold. Here's the thing to remember ladies: You had a life before he landed in it and you'll have a life if things don't work out. Sending a million little texts back and forth can be cute, but it's also an indicator that you've put everything aside for him.  
Is that really the image you want to project? Of course not!  
You have a wide circle of friends and connections. There are plenty of people you could be spending your time with, and so does he. You're not about to give up your social life for one person (nor should he) but you can make time for someone who values you. Be responsive, not smothering. 
2) Drama is NOT Your Friend 
One of the best things about texting is that it's a conversation you can drop if you need to and pick up again when you have time to connect or share and it's OK. If you text him early and he doesn't text back, it could be that he's had second thoughts and everything is falling apart, or it could be that he's had a family emergency and had to get on the road or help somebody out.  
Don't panic! If he doesn't want to talk to you, sending a million texts, each a little more desperate than the last, will make him even more sure he doesn't want to respond. If he can't talk to you now because he's dealing with a crisis, you become another crisis he really shouldn't have to deal with. You're drawn to him; hopefully he's worth the benefit of the doubt. 
3) Don't Be Too Available 
No matter if you think he's going to try to connect with you this evening or over the weekend, MAKE PLANS! You might just be cooking and doing dishes, but you're going to enjoy a glass of wine and light some candles to make that kitchen time an event. Letting somebody know you're ready to drop and run to do whatever they want is a fast path to life as a doormat.  
This is not manipulation or teasing. This is about honoring the people in your life and the stuff that you already do that's important to you. If you can move your plans because you really do want to see him for a time, go for it. But don't ignore your friends, family, work, education or "life maintenance" stuff (dishes, laundry, yawn) to drop everything and run.  
If you get the "Hey, wanna do something tonight?" text, be busy until a certain time, or set a time when you need to be home to Skype with a friend. Again, you don't want to just lay your social calendar open for one person.  
Also, these early connections are a good way to check out how he handles not getting his own way. Too often, people ignore these red flags until things get very uncomfortable and getting out of the situation is hard. If you make plans to meet and you don't show, that's just rudeness. If he wants to pick you up after work and spend the whole evening together, that might be a special night once a week, but every day gets to be pretty pushy and controlling.
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